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One platform, every solution.’s platform contains a variety of solutions to grow your Shopify brand at every level of the marketing funnel. Here’s how…

reclaim abandonment revenue with reactivate and enrich and Audience Suppression

All the tools you need in one place:

1. Abandoned-Cart Shoppers

CartID technology’s abandoned-cart tool identifies anonymous cart-abandoners and triggers a personalized email/SMS series from your marketing automation tool.

The contacts are also added to your first-party dataset, so you control your marketing destiny. 

2. Browse-Abandonment Shoppers

CartID+™’s browse abandonment tool captures and identifies browse-abandonment traffic, triggers a welcome flow, and adds them to your first-party dataset, so you have complete control over how and when you market to them. 

3. Dormant Email Lists’s Reactivate Tool cleans your dormant email lists of spam traps and inactive users that can seriously harm your reputation.

Simply upload a .CSV file. We clean it and hand it back to you so you can send with confidence

4. Meta Persistent Audiences

Make Meta Retargeting Work Again’s Meta Persistent Audience tool throws out more than 50% of emails because they don’t meet our activity standards.

Connect directly to Meta and populate persistent audiences of up to 85% of your web traffic that last indefinitely, even after all of Apple’s changes.

5. Data Enrichment

Enrich can Enrich your first-party audience asset with 100+ fields of demographic, financial, and lifestyle data to uncover connections between your best customers, create higher-value segments, measure more accurately, and fuel your AI.

With this valuable add-on, you can take your targeting to the next level, and boost ROI even further. 

6. Real-time Reporting

Real-time Reporting’s Real-Time Reporting Dashboard shows ROI, trends, usage, and acquired contacts.

You can see daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly summaries of event data all in one place.

You control how far up the funnel you want to market.

Easy Setup in Under 24-Hours

Step 1: Install our javascript

Our dedicated onboarding team will get you up and running in under a day. 

We have easy-to-follow videos for every step. 

Step 2: Set up one-click integration works with all the marketing automation tools and we have detailed instructions on how to integrate each one. 

Step 3: Duplicate your abandonment flows

We even have some best practices to help you get started. 

Step 4: Start sending to your new cohorts

Personalized emails start flowing immediately to your new prospects, bringing them back to your site to convert.  

This case study from Inspire Uplift to see shows how successful these campaigns can be! 

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