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The Best Way to Grow, Engage, and Reactivate Your First Party Database

We build solutions that drive measurable ROI, are easy to implement, and help marketers get more out of their first-party data.

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One Platform, Four Amazing Solutions


Turn your anonymous website visitors into authenticated first-party data.


Trigger 5-10x more browse, product, and cart abandonment SMS and Email Flows.


Personalize every customer touchpoint with foundational person-level insights.


Safely bring dormant emails back to life using real-time open and click data.

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"Retention.com's Resolve is a brilliant piece of software that pulls first-party data out of thin air, empowering you to build flows that drive serious ROI."

- Ryan Pamplin, CEO, Blendjet

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Get More Out of Your Audience with Retention.com

Resolve: Site Visitor Resolution

Connect your anonymous website visitors to real people through first-party authentication events in our publisher network. Activate across channels for measurable ROI.

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Reclaim: Trigger 5-10x More Abandonment Flows

Recover 5-10x more browse, product, and cart abandonment Email and SMS revenue by unlocking the power of Identity.

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Enrich: Understand Your Audience

Get unique insights from highly-accurate, permission-based, deterministic data. Create valuable segments that drive personalized omnichannel customer experiences.

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Reactivate: Bring Dormant Emails Back to Life

Use our live open and click data to safely and consistently reactivate dormant emails at scale with unprecedented coverage and engagement rates.

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Featured Case Study: Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins Realizes 9.1x ROI With Retention.com's Resolve

Learn how Vital Proteins and Retention.com partnered to deliver unprecedented ROI in the face of a changing retargeting landscape.

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