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GetOpeners: 26 Re-Engagement Email Examples

It’s reported up to 75 percent of email subscribers are inactive. If you’ve been doing email marketing for a while, you probably feel this pain point. We’re guessing you have a list of unengaged emails you’ve had to prune over

Case Study – Kin Euphorics

Kin Euphorics sees 57% reactivation rate with Reactivate Kin Euphorics crafts non-alcoholic, restorative beverages that promote conscious connections, boost mood, and improve mental ability. Book A Demo IndustryFood and Beverage: Non-Alcoholic Spirits ObjectiveDrive Revenue and Conversions Reactivate “We

Case Study – Cariuma

CARIUMA drives 20% of their revenue with Resolve CARIUMA is a sneaker brand that believes in making good-looking, crazy-comfy & consciously-made sneakers. Book A Demo Industry Ecommerce Fashion Objective Drive Revenue and Conversions Resolve “ has delivered CARIUMA a staggering

General Best Practices – Qualifying Your Audience

Advance Use Case: Qualifying Your Audience Target only your best, highest intent customer to grow your audience using’s Identity Resolution What Does Qualified Traffic Look Like? In a somewhat basic but general explanation, qualified traffic is the type of

Case Study – Spartan Race

Spartan Race Takes the Offensive During the Pandemic Spartan Race is an extreme wellness platform dedicated to making people UNBREAKABLE.  Book A Demo Industry Live Events Objective Pre-Sell Event Tickets During the Pandemic Resolve “Unlike other sectors of the

160+ Examples of Abandoned Cart Subject Lines

Take a moment to think about the trillion of dollars — yes, trillion, with a “t” — that ecommerce businesses lose out on each and every year due to online shoppers abandoning their carts. (Don’t worry, we have a solution coming