GetOpeners – What Do I Send?

Calling all List Managers! Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting the most out of GetOpeners.

Before You Start

1. Segment your list. 

Chop anybody who has never opened or clicked. If the subscriber has never engaged, there is a low likelihood that they will engage with your GetOpeners campaign.

If you have a large list (many millions) and/or want to start with a smaller test, start with people who have purchased 1x in the past.

2. Eliminate problematic domains.

Every list is different. But, if there’s a domain that tends to produce more complaints relative to others, it’s a good idea to remove those from your list before importing your list into GetOpeners.

3. Import your list to GetOpeners.

For a full explanation on how to use the GetOpeners software, click here.

 What to Send

The most effective format we’ve seen is a 3-to-7 part series where you focus entirely on driving engagement (an open or a click). This initial re-warming series should not contain an offer so that you have the highest chances of inboxing. Afterward, you can resume sending offers/incentives to drive conversion using a journey not unlike one you would use for a new subscriber.

For an example of a highly profitable nurture sequence/journey, check out this example from Dr. Charles Livingston.


Day 1

Email 1A: Focus on engagement 

  • DON’T include offer or affiliate link in the email. This will hurt your chances of inboxing.
  • DO for for an open/click by doing things like putting a first name in the subject line and sending the most engaging content you have available for that list.

Day 2  (for Non Openers/NonClickers)

If they don’t open Email 1A, send Email 1B: Focus on engagement again

  • Same strategy as Day 1: go for an open/click – you should see incremental lift from this second send.
  • If they don’t open this email, stop emailing them. Save your deliverability.

Days 2 through 7 (for Openers/Clickers)

If they DO open Email 1A, send Emails 2 through 7.

  • The goal is to re-warm your audience!
  • Create a sequence that is up to 7 emails long, spaced out a day apart. This will vary from brand to brand, you will know what’s best for your audience.
  • Use content that you know is enticing and has performed well in the past or has missed since engaging last – think: engaging blog posts, lead magnets, etc.
  • Include first names in subject lines. Ex: “Have you seen this, FIRSTNAME?”
  • Acknowledge that they haven’t opened/interacted with you in a while
  • Remind them why your list/content is valuable and what they’re missing out on.
  • Let them know what kind of amazing things they can expect in the future and that you’d love to have them back on the list.

Days 8 and Beyond

  • Now you can begin to include offers/incentives/affiliate links to drive conversion in your emails.
  • Most marketers will do this by moving all re-engaged contacts back into their regular marketing funnel.
  • ROI will likely back out between 7 and 30 days depending on the length of your re-warming sequence.
  • Think about your longer term re-engagement strategy month-over-month – with GetOpeners, you can continue to target these contacts each month with new/updated strategies.
The Summary

There is no limit to how long and complex you can get with GetOpeners journeys. 

Some of our customers stick use a 2-step journey, while others set up 60 days of emails. 

It all depends on your business and the types of journeys that do well with your lists. 

Any questions? Email me at adam [at] retention [dot] com.

Thanks for reading! 

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