Map Your Audience's Real World Relationships

Expand creates word-of-mouth expansion through multi-channel campaigns that activate your best customers’ real-world connections.



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How does GetEmails' Expand Work?

Sphere of Influence Audience Expansion

Use our SocialID Graph to expand your audience to include people who are similar to your ideal customers and have more influence on them than any other medium: their real-world social connections.

Learn more about our SocialID Graph here.


Map Real-World Connections

Through publicly available data, we can map real-world social connections between people. We can return rich profiles of emails, hashes, postal addresses, and cell phone numbers.

Generate Word-of-Mouth

Connect with the people closest to your target audience—the people they spend the time with in the real world—to create a word-of-mouth buzz that you never could before.


A Lookalike Audience You Own

The most unique thing about our lookalike audiences is that they aren’t stuck inside of Google, Facebook, or Amazon. You own the data, and can move it freely between activation platforms.

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