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Prophecy News Watch is a conservative digital media company and ecommerce brand founded by current CEO Kade Hawkins.


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Increase Active Clickers and Conversions

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“ is acquiring active clickers — people who have actually clicked on an email — for 20% less than opt-in email addresses who have taken no action from our next-best traffic source. has been transformational to our business”

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Bring on the Challenge

Of all Prophecy News Watch’s website traffic, 80% comes from paid advertising, and 20% is organic. PNW drives traffic to their homepage using paid advertising and SEO, and attempts to get visitors to sign up for their email newsletter. Once the subscriber signs up, PNW attempts to convert the subscriber to an active clicker that will return to their website where they’re served advertising and marketed ecommerce products.

PNW wanted to increase their active clicker base in a more cost-efficient manner than their existing social media channels.


PNW went with the simplest (yet incredibly effective) implementation possible. PNW installed the script on their website in under 60 seconds, and as of this writing receives around 750 new EmailBased Retargeting subscribers per day. They add contacts directly to their main email list, and send those contacts a daily newsletter.

The Results

PNW reported back to us after 60 days with these results: 45,000 emails received 20,000 openers (45%) 11,000 active clickers (25%). PNW is getting more engaged contacts (ie, active clickers) than the unengaged contact records via their social channels.