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Kim Roach teaches bloggers, authors, coaches, and thought leaders how to increase their traffic. Her blog, Insanely Good Recipes, went from experiment to viral expansion — and is helping it expand faster.


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“I LOVE We’ve gone from 100 to 600-800 emails per day. In all my years online, this is one of the biggest breakthroughs I’ve ever seen.”

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Bring on the Challenge

Kim Roach knows the value of a rapidly growing email list to a blogger. In her words, a quickly growing email list allows bloggers to:
  • Charge more for direct email advertisements
  • Open the doors to new possible advertising partners
  • Increase overall traffic, social media shares, and grow a following (every time she sends, it raises the value of a subscriber)
  • Have a large email list that gives the ability to run viral giveaways
  • Increase the value of the blog itself by virtue of list growth (Kim is most excited about this; she may sell her site in 10 years)
The problem we set out to solve was simple: Grow Kim’s email lists as quickly as humanly possible.


Kim saw us on a Facebook ad and was very skeptical at first.

After reading through all of our case studies, playbooks, and watching just about every single one of our Permission Shmarketing podcasts, she gave it a shot.

The Results

Kim’s email list growth spiked from 100/day to 600-800/day.

Kim was previously acquiring subscribers on Facebook for 3x the cost of Emails.

Kim’s blog is accreting all the benefits of a rapidly growing email list: new advertising partners, the ability to charge more for ads, increased blog traffic, running viral giveaways, and increasing the value of the blog itself for a future sale