Freida Rothman crushes it on Black Friday

Freida Rothman is a Brooklyn-based jewelry and accessories designer. Her handcrafted and intricately detailed pieces are made for effortless elegance.


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“We saw 10x ROI from on Black Friday. We ran two other lead generation campaigns on social media – records were on average 85% less expensive, and we did not get a single conversion from any other source.”

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Bring on the Challenge

Freida Rothman was interested in increasing Black Friday sales. Email Marketing is their largest channel, so they ran three lead generation campaigns to grow their email list in the weeks before Black Friday, to monetize on the retail-centric shopping holiday.


The Freida Rothman team installed the script on their site in under a minute, and used our one-click integration to connect with their Mailchimp account.

They sent contacts directly to their existing three-part welcome series, making no modifications.

The Results

Freida Rothman achieved 10x ROI from on Black Friday.

The average price per lead from Facebook and Instagram was 3x higher than leads.

Not a single lead from Facebook or Instagram converted. 100% of Black Friday sales from their lead generation campaigns were attributed to contact records compared to Facebook and Instagram.