Ecommerce Case Study – Lifeboost Coffee

Lifeboost Coffee’s 16-Step, 5x ROI Ecomm Automation (with Emails)

Dr. Charles Livingston, CEO of Lifeboost Coffee, has created a complex but fool-proof automation for that will work for ANY ecommerce business. 

Livingston is seeing upwards of a 5x ROI from this automation. He’s also rapidly growing his email list, which has all sorts of other benefits, and protecting his deliverability.

We’ll walk you through his 16-step automation in four stages: 

  1. The Welcome Series
  2. The “Split-Off” (removing unsubscribes)
  3. The Nurture
  4. The Resubscribe (to a broadcast list)

There are three pieces of advice that Dr. Livingston insists every e-commerce business should follow: 

1. Lead with your best offer!

As you will see below, Dr. Livingston’s first email offers a 50% discount for the first purchase. 

He’s losing money on that first purchase, but knows the buyer is likely to purchase again and that he’ll make money in the long run.

2. Unsubscribe anyone who didn’t open after the third email to protect your deliverability. 

Even though you end up unsubscribing the majority of the email addresses, you can continue to nurture the engaged subscribers and move them down the sales funnel.

One final piece of advice from Dr. Livingston:

3. “Make sure you only have one call-to-action per email. Any more than one call-to-action and people will experience choice paralysis and your conversion rate will suffer.”

Now, on to the 5x ROI automation. 

Note: If a customer purchases at any point, they are taken out of the automation and subscribed to Lifeboost’s “paying customers” list.

Stage 1: The Welcome Series

Step 1 – Email: Thanks for Visiting 

This is a welcome email with a cute message and picture, and a 50% off coupon. This is the highest revenue email of the entire automation. Note the 34.8% open rate and $3,478.99 revenue in the screenshot above.

As we mentioned earlier: Lead with your best offer! 

Step 2 – Delay: 1 Day

Step 3 – Email: Take This 30-second Quiz

This quiz helps readers figure out what type of coffee they should actually be drinking.

Step 4 – Delay: 1 Day

Step 5 – Email: How Many Cups? 

This is a great piece of content that helps readers figure out how many cups of coffee they should be drinking per day.

The “50% off” offer is still included.

Step 6 – Delay: 1 Day

Stage 2: The “Split-Off”

Step 7 – Conditional Split: Unsubscribe Non-Engagers

The condition is: “if a subscriber has opened or clicked on an email,” the “yes” subscribers get funneled into more content, and the “no” subscribers are unsubscribed.

Even though the unsubscribes represent a SUBSTANTIAL portion of the list, the campaign remains profitable, and deliverability is protected.

Step 8a – (Yes) Email: Inspirational Video

Charles sends his top inspirational content, and again, the 50% off offer.

Step 8b – (No) Unsubscribe: Non-Engagers are Eliminated

Step 9 – Delay: 1 Day

Step 10 – Email: Does Coffee Hurt Your Belly? 

Dr. Livingston addresses one of the most common problems coffee drinkers have. He provides a solution for that problem, a bunch of social proof, and another 50% off offer.

Notice the INCREDIBLY high open rates in the screenshot above now that he’s eliminated all of the non-engagers.

Stage 3: The Nurture


Step 11 – Delay: 1 Day

Step 12 – Email: Gweneth Paltrow’s Recipe

This is Lifeboost’s #1 performing blog post. There’s no offer in it, so no revenue associated with the email, but the open rate is 55%. Customers love it.

Stage 13 – Delay: 1 Day

Stage 14 – Email: Sun Grown or Shade Grown? 

This email describes two little-known methods of growing coffee, and the different effects these methods can have on your body.

He’s still got the 50% off offer in the email, and it still makes money.

Stage 4: The Resubscribe

Step 15 – Remove Purchasers

This step will remove anyone from the automation who purchased at any point earlier in the funnel.

Step 16 – Subscribe: Post Automation List

This step adds any subscribers who haven’t purchased yet to a newsletter list where the subscribers are sent a weekly newsletter. 

Dr. Livingston reports that this newsletter list yields upward of $1,000 in sales per weekly send.

Conclusion: “Use this automation – it works!” 

Dr. Livingston hopes that everybody copies his playbook and starts seeing tremendous ROI with

While 17 steps seems like a lot, it’s fairly straightforward and centered around 3 basic ideas: 

  1. Lead with your best offer. Dr. Livingston offers 50% off. He loses money on the first sale, but gains long term, repeat buyers.
  2. Unsubscribe non-engagers after three emails. 
  3. Drip out great content and at the end of the automation, put the remaining non-purchasers into an email newsletter list. It will continue to make money. 

Any questions or comments about getting this automation set up on your own, just email us at support[at]

We’d love to hear from you!

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