Vital Proteins, a Nestle company, sees 9.25x ROI with Resolve

Vital Proteins is a health supplement retailer that offers nutritional, protein, and vitamin products for wide range of health needs like athletic performance, overall wellness, hair, skin, digestion, and more.


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“ Resolve is our #1 source for Top-of-Funnel emails. They are targeted, have great engagement metrics, and convert. We not only realize a consistent 9.25x ROI, we capture over 10x the subscribers that we were capturing Resolve.”

– Julia Linker
Sr. Director, CRM and Lifestyle, Vital Proteins

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Bring on the Challenge

Vital Proteins was looking to drive ROI by increasing top-of-funnel email activity, increase list growth speed, and drive revenue and conversions.
Founder Kurt Seidensticker launched Vital Proteins with one goal in mind: To help others live fuller, more vibrant lives.
Vital Proteins had two priorities when they started working with Resolve: 
  1. Increase Top-of-Funnel Email Activity
  2. Unlock a new growth channel with a positive ROI

Enter Resolve

Vital Proteins enabled’s one-click Klaviyo integration, and started rapidly collecting, nurturing, and converting subscribers to paying customers.

After a quick, easy campaign setup, Vital Proteins was off to the races. Within three months, the company had collected 236,800 net new, unique email addresses, and added $206,000 of order revenue from this new growth channel on 8,800 orders.

Vital Proteins paid a total of $20,300 for the emails, and generated a net ROI of $185,800, or 9.25x.

The Results

9.25x ROI and a rapidly growing email list.
Three months into the partnership, Acquire has delivered a 9.25x ROI and 236,800 net new email addresses in 90 days.

“The changes at Facebook and Apple are making driving and converting traffic more difficult to navigate every day. Resolve has come to the rescue, filling our list with new, targeted, and engaged emails. We look forward to a long partnership with!” 

 – Julia Linker
Sr. Director, CRM and Lifestyle, Vital Proteins