Spartan Race Takes the Offensive During the Pandemic

Spartan Race is an extreme wellness platform dedicated to making people UNBREAKABLE. 


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Pre-Sell Event Tickets During the Pandemic

Solutions Resolve

“Unlike other sectors of the economy, Spartan was literally in a zero-revenue scenario as a result of the pandemic. Resolve helped us get our audience growth back on track, pre-sell tickets to future events, and move towards filling a revenue hole that will help us get through the pandemic and on to our next chapter.”

– Todd Leiser, Global Head CRM, Analytics, and Marketing Tech at Spartan Race

Performance Results


Audience Growth Rate Improvement


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Bring on the Challenge

Spartan Race was in the sector of the economy hit hardest by the pandemic – events. Immediately after acquiring their largest competitor, Tough Mudder, the world went into lockdown and they were forced to cancel all remaining events for the foreseeable future. 

Spartan needed a strategy to pre-sell tickets to races in the future, and most importantly, a way to build an audience of ready-and-willing prospects to sell to.

Enter Resolve

The Spartan Race team installed the Resolve script on their site in under a minute, and used one of our partner ESP’s, Robly to send out their warm-up series, before migrating openers to their main ESP.

They sent contacts directly to their existing three-part welcome series, making no modifications.

They also used our postal records to send direct mail offers, segmented by state, to their anonymous website visitors. 

The Results

Spartan Race has achieved 13.1x ROI from Resolve since they launched the campaign.

Both the Email and the Direct Mail campaigns are highly profitable, and helping fill the revenue hole left by the pandemic.

They were able to increase their audience growth rate by 1,500%, and continue to ramp the program into 2021.