CARIUMA drives 20% of their revenue with Acquire

CARIUMA is a sneaker brand that believes in making good-looking, crazy-comfy & consciously-made sneakers.


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“ Acquire has delivered CARIUMA a staggering 13.1x ROI, and helped us achieve our bigger-picture goal of building a large, addressable 1st party data asset.”

Felipe Araujo, Chief Digital Officer, CARIUMA

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Bring on the Challenge

Uncovering a new, high ROI revenue channel, while building a large, addressable, and owned 1st party data asset.
CARIUMA launched its 100% sustainable, direct-to-consumer shoe brand in 2018. The company has experienced hypergrowth since inception, and in August 2019 landed $13mm in seed funding. 
CARIUMA had two priorities when partnering with – both related to maintaining their prolific early growth rates:
  1. Unlocking a new, unique, high ROI revenue channel
  2. Rapidly building a large, owned, first-party data asset

Enter Acquire

CARIUMA enabled’s 1-click Klaviyo integration, set up browse, product, and cart abandonment flows, and used the data for targeted custom audiences.

Campaign setup was easy. After building their email creative in their ESP, they built their dynamic Email-Based Retargeting flows. Once the campaigns were ready, they simply turned on Acquire and let it run.

The campaigns used browse abandonment, product abandonment, and cart abandonment identifiers to trigger targeted, one-to-one messaging to highly engaged prospects, with personalized emails straight to their inbox.

The Acquire data, meanwhile, was used to power CARIUMA’s paid search marketing audiences in both Facebook and Google. The combination of Email Based Retargeting (EBR) and Custom Audiences worked together to deliver better marketing performance vs display-only campaigns.

The Results

13.1x ROI, and rapidly growing 1st party data asset.
12mo into the partnership, Acquire has delivered a 13.1x ROI, and rapidly increased the rate at which CARIUMA has been growing its 1st-party database. 
CARIUMA loves the partnership. The ROI speaks for itself, and they’re helping us achieve our bigger-picture goal of owning as much of our audience as we possibly can.”