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Case Study - Inspire Uplift

February 13, 2023

Inspire Uplift Goes All In on Direct to Customer Marketing

Inspire Uplift connects millions of online buyers and sellers worldwide.

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Inspire Uplift


Ecommerce Marketplace


Drive Revenue and List Growth

Solutions Reclaim, Browse, & Cart

"’s platform has been extremely user-friendly and their support has helped us with strategy that has allowed us to see amazing results quickly. We were up and running a week from onboarding, and collecting thousands of emails each day."

– Aaron Wallace, Founder, Inspire Uplift

Performance Results


Engagement Rate


Increase in Revenue



Bring on the Challenge

About Inspire Uplift.Already an established global marketplace, Inspire Uplift proudly serves over two million satisfied customers, worldwide, and has over ten million fans and followers on social media. That’s why our platform is the perfect place to connect with millions of potential buyers who are looking for that perfectly unique item, whether handcrafted, vintage or otherwise. At a time when trust and reliability are in short supply, we pride ourselves on our secure, honest and dependable service! That’s why we’ve been busy preparing a place where our community of online sellers can feel comfortable and confident as they express their creativity and turn the ideas that they’re passionate about into successful enterprises! Inspire Uplift  had two priorities when partnering with

  1. Drive email subscriber growth 
  2. Generate more revenue to the Rescue

Inspire Uplift partnered agency with BMO Media to leverage's Reclaim, Browse, and Cart Abandonment Solutions

BMO Media helped Inspire Uplift create a new messaging strategy for their welcome, browse and cart abandonment email flows to trigger one-to-one messaging to high intent prospects. Each flow targeted a net-new audience, and personalized discounts to lead to sky-rocketing conversion and overall engagement rate. 

Inspire Uplift is also capturing a new first-party data set of highly-engaged prospects from these formerly anonymous, abandoned sessions, so they can continue to keep the core of their community connected to all their new offerings.

The Results

10% increase in top-line revenue with a 56% open rate for these new targeted emails. InspireUplift grew their entire mailable list by 25% within 2.5 months of using! Just like that, InspireUplift has converted abandonment into thousands of new customers, many completing multiple transactions. 

"I can’t wait to see the future of the platform as new functionality within the platform is consistently being developed. will not only help with “retention” but I foresee it helping so much on the acquisition side."

– Aaron Wallace,
Founder, Inspire Uplift

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