Why didn’t my suppression list upload?

A suppression list is beneficial because it keeps you from paying for duplicate contacts who are already on your email marketing list. But what happens when a suppression list doesn’t upload? Here’s what to check for if you’re having issues. How to fix the suppression list 1. If you attempt to upload a suppression file […]

How do I verify that my script is working?

Test Script Tool 1. From inside Code Snippet > View Your Script, click Test My Script. 2. Enter the URL to test in the text box, and click Test My Script. 3. A new browser will open to the URL entered. A message box will load in the upper right hand corner that will show you if your […]

How to suppress contacts with JustUno forms

1. From your Justuno dashboard, click the Promotions icon in the left-hand navigation. Then, click the paintbrush icon to edit the email capture promotion. 2. Click </> Custom Code in the top right. 3. Click the </> TAB JS section at the top, and paste this script into the box. You will then need to update the values in […]