How Attribution Works

How contacts are collected When someone visits your site, our collection script identifies them almost immediately. We then wait 15 minutes (the default, which can be adjusted) before sending you the contact to ensure they don’t perform a suppression event (ex. sign up, make a purchase, etc.). Once the contact is collected, you will be able […]

How to look at ROI in Klaviyo

To analyze your ROI in Klaviyo, you’re going to create and export a Segment to CSV. Requirements However, a couple things are required for this to work: You must be syncing your contacts into a standalone list in Klaviyo and/or You must have our integration identifier turned on. You must have our revenue […]

All About Reporting

To learn more about the contacts you’ve collected or your revenue tracking data, you can dive into the Reporting features in your account. Dashboard Reports From your’s Dashboard, you’ll see your Plan Usage. This will show you the percentage of your plan used for the month, how many contacts are on your plan, […]