How do I integrate with Klaviyo?

You can integrate your account directly with Klaviyo. An integration between and Klaviyo does three things: Automatically sends contacts acquired in your account to Klaviyo, into a list of your choosing. Automatically suppresses existing contacts in your Klaviyo account. Ability to set up custom filters to sync filters (ie, send leads from […]

How to suppress contacts with Klaviyo popups

If you use Klaviyo popups, you can prevent collection of contacts who opt in via your popup. This can be done using Klaviyo’s Event Listener. General Structure of the klaviyoForms Event Klaviyo forms send an event called klaviyoForms to the window each time a form is shown, closed, or submitted. You add one listener to your page […]

Reactivate: How to integrate with Klaviyo

You can integrate your Reactivate account directly with Klaviyo. An integration between Reactivate and Klaviyo allows you to sync live open events so you can send your audience an automated re-engagement email when they are in their inbox. What you’ll need 1. Your API Key. Find this in your Klaviyo dashboard. Click your name/photo in […]

How to create a sunset flow in Klaviyo

Phasing out customers you collect from (or really any source) who are no longer engaging with your email campaigns is a good practice. Keeping a clean list prevents you from sending emails to unengaged subscribers, which could harm your deliverability. You can achieve this phase-out by using a sunset flow in Klaviyo. This flow […]

How to Set Up Reclaim for Add to Cart

Using Reclaim Add to Cart Feature This feature can identify abandoned cart contents for both unknown, non-logged in users (Resolve contacts) and known, non-logged in customers (emails in your Resolve suppression list).  If you use this feature, we will send all of those Add to Cart events to you.  To use this feature, you must […]