How do I verify that my script is working?

Test Script Tool

1. From inside Code Snippet > View Your Script.

2. Click Test My Script.

3. Enter the URL to test in the text box, and click Test My Script.

4. A new browser will open to the URL entered. A message box will load in the upper right hand corner that will show you if your collection, suppression, and/or revenue-tracking scripts are found on your site — and if they are working (aka “firing”). If you see a green checkmark, that means they are found/fired, and a red “x” means they were not found/fired.

Note: The suppression and revenue tracking scripts will only show found/firing if you test the specific URL they are on (ex. thank you page or post-checkout page).

If you have the collection and suppression scripts on the same URL, the suppression script will override the collection script.

Remember: The script will only show that it’s fired if you’ve turned the script on via your dashboard.

Troubleshooting and Errors

Code isn’t found or firing

If your code isn’t found on your site or isn’t firing, there are a couple of things to check first.

  1. Go through the tutorial steps in this article for adding the script to your site builder to ensure each step was followed.
  2. If you’re using Google Tag Manager, our Verification tool might not work. That is because GTM loads the site before the javascript itself, which means our verification scanner won’t find the code on your site. Try using your browser’s Developer tool to view your page’s source code and run a search with Ctrl+F for “geq” to see if the script comes up. If it does, you should be all set.
  3. If the script isn’t firing, check that it’s turned on via your dashboard.
  4. If you’re stuck, contact us at support[at]


When the script verification message loads on your website, we may show a specific error indicating that there’s a problem with the script installation.

Errors will show in red at the bottom of the box:

Examples of common errors include:

Upgrade Script: you are using an old/outdated version of our script and should update it to the newest version (found under Code Snippet > View Script).

Account Error: The Retention script installed on the site doesn’t match the script in your account: This means you have installed the wrong script on your site. Each Retention account contains 1 unique script. If you get this error, it means you’re using someone else’s script and should immediately update to the correct script.

Script Error: The Retention script contains both Revenue and Suppression: This means you’ve included both the revenue and suppression scripts separately on the same page. Our revenue tracking script automatically includes suppression, so you can remove the unique instance of the suppression script.

Script Error: The Retention script on this page contains both Collection and Suppression. Remove one or the other: Because suppression cancels out collection if both are present, we will show you this error. However, there are cases where this might be intentional if, for example, you do not want to collect on your website’s homepage specifically and so have placed our suppression script there.

Success! The Retention code is properly installed. However, the script is turned OFF. Turn your script ON via your Dashboard to collect contacts: Your script is working properly but is turned off and you must turn it on yourself to resume collection via your Dashboard.

Seeing an error that’s not listed here? Email us at support[at]