Reactivate: How to integrate with Webhooks

You can integrate your Reactivate account directly with webhooks. Generic webhooks allow you to post contact data to a URL of your choosing in JSON format.

An integration between Reactivate and webhooks allows you to sync live open events so you can send your audience an automated email when they are in their inbox.

Webhooks for Reactivate require a POST. We recommend you test your webhook using a website like

To get started

1. From your dashboard, click the Reactivate logo in the top-left corner.

2. The drop-down menu will appear. Click Reactivate. You will be taken to the Reactivate dashboard.

3. Click on Integrations from the left navigation panel in Reactivate. Then, click Available Integrations at the top and choose the Webhook icon.

4.Type your test URL into Webhook URL. We autosend {email: ‘xxxxx[at]’}. You can also enter custom JSON data in the box below it. This will be merged with the contact data we pass through to the webhook endpoint.

Once you enter your URL and custom JSON data and connect, you will see a success confirmation.