How do I integrate GetEmails with Zapier?

You can integrate your GetEmails account directly with Zapier.

An integration between GetEmails and Zapier automatically sends contacts acquired in your GetEmails account to Zapier, into a list of your choosing. Once the integration is active, it will not back-sync contacts, only the ones going forward.

What you’ll need

1. Your GetEmails API Key and API ID. Find these in your GetEmails Dashboard by clicking My Account > API Details. (API Details are only for paying accounts.)

To get started

1. Click on Integrations from the left navigation panel in GetEmails. Then, click Available Integrations at the top and choose the Zapier logo.

2. After signing into your Zapier account (if prompted), click Accept Invite & Build a Zap.

3. Click Create Zap.

4. Choose GetEmails, or type GetEmails into the search bar and then select it.

5. Click Continue.

6. Sign in to your GetEmails account, if prompted. Enter your GetEmails API Key and API ID. Click Yes, Continue.

7. Choose to either Test & Review or Test & Continue — or you can skip this test.

8. Choose which app you want the leads GetEmails collects to go to. If it’s not listed under Your Apps, type in the app name into the search bar. Click the correct app.

9. This will display the app you chose and the event you want to occur. Click the drop-menu under Choose Action Event to pick what you want to happen to the collected leads.

10. Sign in to the app you chose. Depending on the app, you may have to provide your username, password, AP ID and/or API Key. Once you’re logged in, click Continue.

11. The action event you chose from Step 8 will determine what information you’ll need to fill out. Complete all of the required information and any other optional sections you want to use. Click Continue.

12. After all of the parameters are set, click Done Editing.

Sync summary

You can view your daily sync history under Sync Summary on your integration page. It will show you the date, number of completions, if there are any failures, and the number that are in the queue.

To access all of your sync history, click View Full History under Sync Summary. If there’s a failure, it will show the email address, what type of failure has occurred under ESP Feedback, and the date and time of the failure.

If you have questions about the error message, you can contact support at support[at]