How to look at ROI in Klaviyo

To analyze your ROI in Klaviyo, you’re going to create and export a Segment to CSV.


However, a couple things are required for this to work:

  1. You must be syncing your contacts into a standalone list in Klaviyo and/or
  2. You must have our integration identifier turned on.
  3. You must have our revenue tracking script installed.

In Klaviyo

1: Go to Lists & Segments, click Create List/Segment, then Segment.

Name your segment.

2. For your segment Definition, here is what you’ll need to select:

If someone is in or not in a list
Person is in
Select list name

IF you are using our integration identifier (data_source = GE), then click OR and add:

Properties about someone
data_source equals GE

Next, click +AND and select:

What someone has done (or not done)
Has placed order at least once after [YOUR START DATE OF COLLECTION]

3. Click Create Segment. Once the segment has finished building, click Manage Segment > Export Segment to CSV:

4. Select the following fields to export (and include any additional that you prefer):

  • Historic Customer Lifetime Value
  • Predicted Customer Lifetime Value
  • Total Customer Lifetime Value

5. This generates a CSV that you can download and use to add up your total historic revenue from all emails.