How does pricing work?

Pricing offers monthly subscriptions that include up to a certain number of collected contacts. For the most part, collected contacts within these plans cost 25 cents each, with a set overage rate that’s between 20 and 35 cents. The overage rate gets lower as plans scale. Click here for more info.

All monthly plans include up to a specific number of included contacts.

If your script happens to collect more contacts during the month than your plan includes, and overages are turned on, you will be charged the overage rate for your plan for additional contacts.

You can see what your overage rate per contact is under My Account > Billing:

Turn Overages On/Off

You have the ability to turn overages On or Off for your plan.

If you turn overages Off (“No”), that means that when and if you collect your plan’s included contact amount for the current month’s billing cycle, your script will automatically turn off and stop collecting contacts for the remainder of the cycle. Your script will automatically turn back on the next time your monthly bill runs. This prevents you from being charged any overages. Note that if your credit card payment fails for any reason, your script will automatically be turned off.

If you turn overages On (“Yes”), then your script will remain on regardless of whether or not you go over your plan’s included amount before the billing cycle is up. You collect all contacts with no interruption and are subject to paying overage fees.

You have the option to set this on the top of your Dashboard next to Overage once your free trial has ended:

Upgrade or Downgrade

You can upgrade or downgrade plans at any time.

If you see you’re running out of contacts and don’t want to pay the overage rate, upgrade at any point before your bill hits and you’ll be charged a prorated amount for the new plan.

If your plan max seems too high or you want to dial it back, downgrade at any point before our bill hits and we’ll credit you back for the unused amount.

How Can I Determine Which Plan is Best?

As a general rule of thumb, after you have the script on your site for a full 24 hours, multiply your results by 20 – that will give you a general idea of how many contacts per month you may get.

Factor in any additional fluctuations of your site’s month-over-month traffic (if, for example, you know you get a spike in web traffic over the holiday season or a major slowdown some other time of year).

Not sure? No problem. You can always pick a ballpark plan and change your mind later on by upgrading or downgrading before your billing cycle ends.