How do I get started?

There are 8 main steps to get fully set up with for optimal success:

  1. Strategy Call 
    • On this call we will answer questions, evaluate your marketing strategy, and share best practices specific to your business and marketing strategy
  2. Collection Script Installation
  3. Revenue Tracking Script Installation
  4. Suppression Script Installation
  5. ESP Integration
  6. Email Flow Check
    • Team to review emails to ensure for best practices
  7. Privacy Policy update
    • Update your website’s privacy policy to include the following text:
      • Third Party Pixels and Cookies Third Party Pixels and Cookies. Notwithstanding anything else in this policy, we and/or our partners may use pixels and pixel tags, and place, read or use cookies the collect information from your device and/or Internet browser. These cookies do not contain personally identifiable information, however, it may be possible for our third-party business partners to combine it with other information in order to identify your email address or other personally identifiable information about you. For example, the cookies may reflect de-identified demographic or other data linked to data you voluntarily have submitted to us, e.g., your email address, which we may share with a data provider solely in hashed, non-human readable form. By using our Service, you agree that us and our third-party partners may store, sell, port, combine with other data, monetize, utilize and otherwise use either (i) the personally indefinable information about you that we share with them, or (ii) the personally identifiable information they discover and/or identify as described above. Visitors can also express their choices for display advertising, through the following platforms: Digital Advertising Alliance opt-out platform or the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out platform. We and/or our partners may also use cookies for delivering personalized advertising emails. These cookies are used to identify the visitors of our advertisers’ websites and send personalized emails based on the visitors’ browsing experience. We and/or our partners use cookies, pixels and other tracking technology to associate certain Internet-related information about you, such as your Internet Protocol address and what Web browser you are using, with certain of your online behaviors, such as opening emails or browsing websites. Such information is used to customize ads or content and may be shared with our partners.
  8. Pre-Launch Call
    • Final sign off before going live with the system