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What is is an amazing, proprietary technology that identifies up to 35% of anonymous traffic on your website.

How does it work? will provide you with a script to put on the backend of your website. As recipients visit your site but don’t identify themselves, the script will check our database to see if we can identify the visitor for you.

What contact details will provide me? will provide you with the following contact details:

Basic Plan:

  • Email address
Essential Plan (in addition to what Basic offers):
  • First name
  • Last name
Premium Plan (in addition to what Essential offers):
  • Postal address (address, city, state, and zip code)
All Plans:
  • Observed date and time (when they first visited)
  • Landing page URL (the first page they visit that has the script on it will show in the report)
  • Landing page domain
  • Referrer (what site they came from, we include this when possible)
  • Page title

How do I get started?

If you haven’t already, head to to request a demo.

Once your account is set up, you’ll be able to see the script you’ll need to add to your website to start collecting emails. You can email that code to a developer or teammate, and verify if it’s been installed. Not ready for that yet? No worries, all these tools are in your account; click Go to Dashboard.

How do I start collecting emails?

You will need to add the collection script to your site. The steps vary depending on your site builder. Click here for all our tutorials on adding the script to your website.

Once the collection script has been added to your site and verified, turn your script on via your Dashboard to start collecting contacts.

How to setup Suppression

Suppression is the term we use for any scenario where you want to prevent from identifying and collecting contacts. The main reasons you would do this are:

  1. To avoid paying for contacts you already have. You likely have an existing database of customer emails, many of whom visit your site repeatedly. Since you already have those email addresses, there is no reason for us to identify or deliver those to you. 
  2. To prevent collection of contacts on your website where they are voluntarily giving you an email address. If you collect newsletter signups, have an e-commerce site, or use any other type of conversion event involving an email address, you don’t need us to identify or deliver that email address to you.

To solve both of these scenarios, we have three ways to suppress contacts in suppress via integration, upload a suppression list, and the suppression script. Read about these options by clicking here.

How do I access the contacts I’ve collected?

Emails are identified and added in real-time. You can find downloadable Excel CSV files in two places:

1. Contact Downloads

2. Dashboard


To connect your account to another system and automatically transfer new contacts, click on Integrations > Available Integrations. Choose the system(s) you want to integrate with, and follow the setup steps.

How do I add the Script(s) to my website?

Adding the script to your website is different for every brand and depends on your domain host provider.

Click here for all our tutorials on adding the script to your website.


For more information on how is legal and CAN-SPAM compliant, click here.

How can I check that the script is working?

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on Code Snippet > View Your Script > Test Script.
  3. You will either see a green confirmation box in the top-right corner that the script has been added successfully, or you’ll see an error message.

Account Settings

Account Details

Go to My Account > Account Details to update your company name (optional), first name, last name, email address, and phone number. Click Update to save your changes.


Go to My Account > Notifications to set how, where, and when you want notifications to be sent. You can set notifications for your billing, reports, data has loaded, and referral accounts. When you’re finished, click Update Notifications in the bottom right.


In this section, you can view your current plan and subscription details, upgrade or downgrade your current plan, edit your credit card details, view your billing history with invoices, and suspend or cancel your account.


From here, you can view your current plan, select a new plan, or cancel your account.

What are overages?

If you enable overages, then we will continue to collect contacts from your website at the listed overage rate. This rate applies once you have hit your plan max. We recommend this option if you do not want to experience any interruptions in contact collection.

If overage is set to No, then once your plan max is met, the script will automatically turn off and no additional contacts will be collected until the month is over and a new billing cycle begins.


In this section, you can change your password. Please note that passwords must contain at least 10 characters, include at least one number, and one special character.

How can I contact

Send us a message anytime, 24/7! To access chat, log into your account and click the blue icon on the lower right-hand corner of the page.

You can also email us at support[at]

If you don’t have an account set up yet, you can contact diana[at]retention[dot]com.