All About Data Delivery

In Retention.coms, your contact records will be delivered to you either in real-time or once a day.*

Real-time delivery

All new accounts start with real-time delivery. Within minutes of a contact landing on your website, that contact will show up in your account and can be viewed and downloaded from your Dashboard or Contacts menu. If you have an Integration set up, the contact will also sync shortly after in real-time to your email app.

As you can see here, contacts show the total collected as well as how many are Downloadable.

Your Dashboard also indicates that contacts will load in real-time:

Once you sign up for a paid plan, you will have the option to continue with real-time delivery or once/day delivery. Real-time delivery costs 10 cents more per contact as of this post’s publication date.

Once/day delivery*

If you opt for once/day delivery, contacts will still collect real-time from your website and show up in your account. However, we will only push those contact records for download or integration sync once per day at 9am EST. Integration syncs run shortly after, around 9:30am EST. Any contacts collected after 9am EST will be downloadable the following day.

As you can see here, contacts have been collected from the website, but are not yet downloadable:

Your Dashboard will also show a countdown timer for when your contacts will next be delivered for download:

*As of November 2020, we no longer offer 1x day delivery. All plans automatically include real-time data delivery.