Add the revenue tracking script to your BigCommerce site

You can use your’s revenue tracking script to capture order information for your contacts that land on your BigCommerce page. Tracking codes typically are used on the order status page. Once data is collected, your dashboard will display your week-over-week ROI from your contacts.

Here’s how to add your revenue tracking script to your BigCommerce site.

What you’ll need

1. You’ll need to copy your revenue tracking script from From your Retention Dashboard, click Code Script.  Then, click View Your Script.

2. Check the box next to Revenue Tracking, and click Copy Code.

How to add tracking to BigCommerce

1. From your BigCommerce dashboard, click Advanced Settings > Web Analytics. Check the box next to Affiliate Conversion Tracking, and click Save.

2. Click the Affiliate Conversion Tracking tab that appears. Paste your revenue tracking script into the Conversion Tracking Code box.

3. You will need to replace ORDER_NUMBER, DOLLAR VALUE, and ORDER EMAIL in the code with BigCommerce’s variables.

Replace {{ ORDER_NUMBER}} with %%ORDER_ID%%. Replace {{DOLLAR VALUE}} with %%ORDER_AMOUNT%%. And replace ORDER EMAIL with %%ORDER_EMAIL%%. Click Connect when you’re finished.

4. You can then track your revenue, contacts, and ROI from your dashboard.

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