Capture 10-15x More Email Addresses

Acquire connects your anonymous website visitors to real people. Safely retarget them with email through real-time, one-to-one, fully compliant interactions.

US Patent Pending 63/251,378

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"GetEmails' Acquire is a magic piece of software that pulls emails out
of thin air, empowering you to build flows that drive serious ROI."

- Ryan Pamplin, CEO Blendjet


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Safely and Respectfully Implement Email Retargeting With Acquire

Only Retarget Known, "Last-14-Day" Openers

Our secret sauce is that we only pass you email addresses we have known activity for (opens or clicks),  within the last 14 days in our network. We also scrub known unsubscribers and complainers.

What’s the result? A far higher open rate than your house list, virtually zero complaints, and zero traps.

Click here to learn more about our DeliveryID™️ Email Graph. 

Respect Consumer Privacy

Every email address we pass you has opted in to our publisher network to receive offers from our partners. 

To opt-out of our network, click here.

Featured Case Study - Spartan Race

Spartan Race Takes the Offensive During the Pandemic

Spartan Race used GetEmails Acquire to pre-sell tickets during the pandemic, realizing a net 13.1x ROI and accelerating their audience growth rate by 1,500%. 

Click here to read the full case study.

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Generate 20%+ additional revenue with our one-to-one identity resolution

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Grow your audience, generate more active clickers, and convert more subscribers

For Agencies

Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your ad spend

How Does GetEmails Acquire Work?

Anonymous Website Visitor Identification

You put our pixel on your website, and we match anonymous digital identifiers to rich customer profiles.

Our DeliveryID™️ Email Graph has over 250 million US individuals and gets 100 million updates daily.  Its linked-and-current database includes hashed emails, MAIDs, emails, names, and postal addresses, all of which we can tie to your CRM or CDP’s 1st party cookie, or attach to a session ID.

We can typically match over 70% of your US traffic to at least one addressable identifier.

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Activity-Based Data Cleansing

The secret to GetEmails Acquire working so well is our proprietary, Activity-Based Data Cleansing. It’s included in our service, and works behind the scenes.

We will only pass you contacts who are known openers and clickers within the past 14 days, and filter out everyone else.

Real-Time Campaign Activation

Seamlessly connect to your Email Service Provider, CRM, or CDP through one of our one-click integrations to trigger real-time, one-to-one interaction. 

If you don’t see an integration you need, contact us, we’ll build it for you.

Segment your subscribers by behavior – send emails from URL A to list A, send emails from URL B to list B.

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